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AMETEK Hunter Spring has been designing and manufacturing premier coiled flat spring products for more than 100 years. Our spring design experts have designed constant torque springs, power springs (also known as clock springs) and spring motors, spring-powered reel assemblies, retractable power cord reels, retractable data cable reels, and retractable static grounding reels for the most challenging applications. Most recently, we have developed our DuraReel™ line of antimicrobial medical power cord reels to help protect power cord reels used on hospital carts and in other medical applications from mold, mildew and odor.

In addition to DuraReel, our brand names include Spir’ator power springs, Neg’ator constant-force springs and constant-torque springs, and Stacer (spiral tube and actuator) spring-controlled extension and retraction devices.

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New family of cable reels!

DuraReel™ Antimicrobial Medical Cord Reels. 


304 stainless steel static grounding reels are here!


New 75ft and 100ft enclosed static grounding reels


ROTA-REEL Models 800-75R and 800-100R

Please note, our new government CAGE code is 068A9 (old code 61349).
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